Songs For the Vaudeville Theatre

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Canadian musician Joel Strauss is more than just another singer and songwriter; he's a hard-working, uniquely talented musical craftsman and multi-instrumentalist. His music is deeply personal and poignant, with clever lyrics supported by seductive melodies and extremely distinctive vocals. In 2014, Strauss released his sophomore album, Don't Lose That Feeling. The LP has been hailed as one of the top DIY albums of 2014 by blogs such as Indie Rock Cafe and The Equal Ground.

With influences like Bob Dylan, The Smashing Pumpkins, Grizzly Bear, and The Ink Spots, Strauss offers an unorthodox approach and allure in his songs, which sway effortlessly from early 20th century smoky ballads (”Ocean Transfix”) to intrinsically orchestrated indie rock and roll (”Beyond My Flesh And Bone”). The variety in stylistic flavour is unified by a singular vision - resulting in a sound that is wholly his own.

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Joel Strauss & The VAUDEVILLIANS - SUMMER Concerts:

July 30th, 2016 - PENTICTON, BC CA
Elite After 6
Doors 9:00 PM
with The Sylvia Platters


August 13th, 2016OSOYOOS, BC CA
Jo Jo's Cafe
7:00 PM


August 20th, 2016KELOWNA, BC CA
Backyard Concert - 1548 Mountain Ave
8:00 PM
with This Old Ghost Town




Songs For The Vaudeville Theatre

by Joel Strauss

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'The ROads'

from the 'Visitor' EP

Film credits: Aaron Rasenberg (the climber) 
Joel Strauss is an instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Kelowna, British Columbia. His music is a singular blend of inspired lyrics, a distinctive voice and a variety of styles - including traditional pop, alternative rock, and folk.

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“The whole EP [Songs For The Vaudeville Theatre] is fantastic to listen to from beginning to end, but the sort-of-title-track Vaudeville really piqued my curiosity and interest. The drum and bass rhythm gets you to nod your head or tap your toe as soon as the song begins. This rhythm is accentuated by Strauss’ unique voice doing sonic acrobatics over top, climbing up and sliding down like a musical version of snakes and ladders.”
— Geyser Music


"One of the best registers to come out of the great white north." 



“A really solid work by Strauss. There weren’t any songs that felt subpar and I was very pleased when I got to the end of the album.”

- The Equal Ground


“I would drive down the street with it, put it on my iPad – I’m going to play it all day. As of a matter fact, I’m going to sneak it onto my son’s phone.”

- Middle Tennessee Music's live panel review 


“Strauss has a remarkable sonic palette that is evident on his album, 'Don’t Lose That Feeling'...he skillfully weaves together various styles - like pop, rock and folk - into his songs, with intelligent and inspiring lyrics." - IRC